You’ve still got time

April 14, 2013

Sheryl Callaway
Tax Administrative

It’s April, the month of reckoning for millions of taxpayers.

Do you see that light at the end of the tunnel? There’s less than two weeks left to figure out whether it’s the daylight of a wonderful April 15th by which you’ve finished your tax filing duties or a tax train wreck coming your way.

If it’s daylight, then congratulations! Just make sure you do a thorough once over before you send in your 1040, otherwise a silly mistake could cost you money. And if it’s the train wreck, don’t panic. Getting in a hurry will make you more likely to have tax-time errors, too.

Despite today’s tax software there is still a possibility that major return requirements can be overlooked so, there’s still a personal responsibility to make sure your tax data is correct. Picking proper filing status, claiming all your dependents, and reporting all your income are just a few things you need to make you have down So remember, if it’s becoming clear that you can’t finish your tax paperwork, then don’t worry….You’ve still got time. The IRS gives an extra six months to finish filing out your return as long as you send in Form 4868 by April 15th. In the meantime, I would recommend seeking out a CPA to help guide and assist you if you still are feeling the pressure or simply want to have a expert for them for you.