Work trips made easy

September 24, 2015

Roscoe Douglas
Systems Staff

Here is a helpful tip you probably already know but still squander all the same.

If you go somewhere new or somewhere interesting for work, don’t spend your nights in the hotel eating hotel food. Talk to locals, get on yelp, explore and find something fun! Granted, some places are going to be better than others (I.E. It might be easier to find something to do in New York than well- almost anywhere else), but you can still find gems pretty much anywhere you go. Exploring the cities you visit makes business travel much more palatable. It also serves to bring you and your co-workers closer together which strengthens the team and builds friendships along the way.

Bonus points: When you go somewhere really good stay the weekend especially if you have the opportunity to take a long weekend. Get your significant other or friends to come join you.  Go all out!

Examples of things to do on business trips below:

Snorkeling in the Bahamas:

Standing with sculptures in Des Moines:
des moines

Walking in the desert in Arizona:

Wine tasting in Napa Valley:
wine tasting

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