Work Hard and Play Hard!

February 14, 2014

Cayci Branum
Audit Senior

When I first joined the firm full time back in 2009, I quickly realized that every day on the job would be different. I started at PKM right after graduating and this is only job I have ever had. I get asked the question all the time “How do you do it?” and I typically respond with “I enjoy knowing day to day and week to week I will be at different locations, with a new team, different client, and an entirely different dynamic”. For me, this is something that keeps me at the firm. I need variety in my life and I never saw myself as someone who could go to the same place and work every day.

PKM provides me with a lot of flexibility in my career. On a bi-annual basis we have a meeting with our audit mentor partner and every time I am always asked, “Do you currently like your schedule and travel structure with the firm?” in which I always reply “Yes.” I enjoy traveling and working with a variety of different types of clients ranging from banking, insurance, and manufacturing. PKM does their best to accommodate your preferences and make sure you have the career you want

But there’s also a little bit of fun mixed into the schedule as well. With the variety of clients I have been able to get out on the lake with my clients, go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, get visited by Santa in the board room, gone to a concert and many other fun activities during my travels at PKM…we work hard and play hard!