Why I love working at PKM

October 29, 2015

Mckenzie Barr
Tax Senior

I was recently talking to a group of friends about work and realizing how many of them were unhappy with their jobs made me think about how thankful I am that I love working for PKM. I must admit, there are mornings when I have a hard time motivating myself to get out the door and into the office. However, more often than not, I cannot wait to get to work. Maybe that makes me odd or maybe I’m lucky that I have found a great accounting firm where I genuinely enjoy the work that I do and the environment that I work in. There are a few reasons why I love working for PKM so much. First, I enjoy what I do. I have the opportunity to have a voice in the clients that I work with and the type of work that I do. I work on a variety of different clients and projects so the work is never mundane or boring. Second, I work with great people. We are able to work well together and keep each other laughing. We all respect each other and make a great team. We go to lunch together, hang out outside of work, and seek advice from each other. Lastly, I always feel appreciated for the work that I do. The management and partners at PKM make sure that the staff is rewarded for all of their hard work. They also offer kind words of encouragement throughout the year. I would encourage anyone that is not happy with where they work to begin looking for a new job. It is possible to work somewhere that makes you look forward to going into the office every day!