Why I Love Recruiting Season

October 1, 2013

Emily McGee
Audit Staff

In addition to my position as a staff auditor, I serve as one of our recruiters for the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). There are several factors that motivate me to serve in this capacity. First, I greatly enjoy any opportunity I have to discuss the benefits of working for PKM. When you work for a company that invests in its employees as PKM does, you want to share all that PKM has to offer with those entering the profession. Additionally, recruiting is a great opportunity for me to impact the future staff of the firm. I get to work directly with interns and new staff on a regular basis; as a result, I have a personal interest in recruiting the best and brightest students. We at PKM pride ourselves on hard work and quality in all that we do, and I believe recruiting requires the same level of work and dedication. In professional services, people are key, and that’s why PKM values the people who work here and the clients we serve.