When Your Grass is Greener

October 3, 2014

Emily McGee
Audit Staff

Having just celebrated my 3rd anniversary at PKM, I find myself reflecting on what I have learned during this time. I am not simply talking about technical accounting knowledge, but also what I’ve learned about my professional life. As a student going through recruiting I searched for the factors to confirm I was making the right decision for my career. I considered many aspects of employers and opportunities as I navigated the recruiting processes that landed me at PKM for an internship during the summer of 2010.

Firm Culture

The major contributor to my decision making was how I was treated by the people of PKM. I always sensed that I mattered as an individual in the process. This experience as a student was simply a reflection of the culture of PKM. As an intern that summer, as well as a full-time employee for 3 years, I have always felt like a part of PKM rather than just a number or another accountant. The value that the management team places on its employees provides a sense of significance for us. Feeling valued for my work and contribution, facilitates a realization that my grass is the greener place of employment!