When I was an intern

January 9, 2013

Candice Nanney
Audit Manager

Last week, I had the pleasure of leading orientation and training for two Audit interns and two new Audit staff.  During training, I reflected on my time as an intern here at PKM. I started my career at PKM as an intern in 2005 and have remained with the firm ever since. In July of 2013, I will celebrate my 7 year anniversary!

Humor me for a bit, but “in my day”, things were very different!  I’m amazed at the changes that have occurred within public accounting and at PKM. Seven years is not a long time (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself when I start to feel “old”), but so much has changed in such a short period of time.

First, when I was an intern, all public accounting firms were still performing paper audits.  Nothing was paperless.  Your files were in massive binders that had to be lugged out to the client. The intern would schlep the prior year files in massive audit trunks to and fro…thus; my upper body strength did improve as this was quite the workout!

With the paper audit came terminology considered antique by today’s standards.  White out…three ring binders…three hole punch…stapler…mechanical pencil…reinforcements for hole-punched pages…audit trunks…even a printer in the field today could go unused for the duration of the fieldwork testing.  As an intern, it was my responsibility to ensure the supplies were brought to the field…do you know how heavy a three hold punch, stapler and various other supplies get in a bag?  Again, by the end of my internship, my upper body strength had never been better!

As an intern, you were required to work in the office on Saturdays because you had to be near the paper file.  And electronic review notes?  What’s that?  Review notes were handwritten and placed in the front of the paper file binder.  Again, you had to figure out a way to physically connect with the audit paper binder to clear review notes. Oh and to be able to work from home was a foreign and unacceptable option back then.

Finally, many of our clients provided internet access through dial-up.  I will say that I was probably more patient as an intern (you definitely gain that virtue waiting for your dial up connection to work) because Wi-Fi and hotspots were not in existence yet.

And no, I didn’t have to walk uphill, both ways in snow without proper shoes, but times have definitely changed within the field and for the better!  Similar to the AT&T UVerse commercials, “….interns these days….they don’t know how good they have it!”