What PKM Has Done For Me

February 1, 2013

Micheal Maslar
Audit Staff

It is with mixed emotion that I write this entry. I will be leaving PKM soon for another opportunity and while I’m excited about this new step in my career, it is heart breaking to leave such a great company.

Over the past two years here at PKM, I have learned more than I knew was even possible.  I’ve made some great friends with fellow co-workers and staff along with creating some amazing memories.  PKM has provided me with the knowledge and experience needed to take this next step in my career path, and I know that I am prepared to succeed in my new position, because of the great people who have coached and mentored me during my time at PKM.

While working here, I have witnessed some great people leave PKM for other opportunities, and I always wondered why people would leave such an outstanding firm.  Now that I find myself in the same position, I realize that people do not leave PKM because they are unhappy. They leave because PKM has given them the tools to take on exciting new challenges and opportunities, and other employers know that they are getting smart, resourceful and well-rounded individuals when they hire “PKMers”.

While it was a very tough decision to move on, I am excited for where my career is taking me, and I owe a great deal of gratitude to PKM for the opportunities I have been given and the experiences I have gained in just two short years. I believe if it was not for working for PKM new doors would not have been opened for me.