What Makes PKM a Great Place to Work?

September 29, 2011

Derek Dill
Audit Staff

There are many attributes about PKM that make it a desirable place to work, especially for an accounting graduate fresh out of school. Through my experiences, I can share a few things that I feel make PKM such a popular workplace for new college graduates. First, there are no limitations on contacting and speaking to partners regarding technical and even personal issues within the firm. At many other firms, as a staff or intern you would automatically go to the next individual in the chain of command if you were spinning your wheels on a technical issue; at PKM, a partner will gladly answer your question or guide you in the right direction. Second, PKM embraces firm events and hosts them as often as possible throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity to not only catch up with fellow employees but also unwind from the stresses of a busy work week in public accounting. PKM has a diverse range of clients in all sorts of industries that provide excellent learning opportunities as a brand new staff. This diversity can provide invaluable experiences that may not be possible as an employee at a regional or international accounting firm. Finally, PKM encourages input from all levels in the creation of firm goals and is extremely open regarding the firm’s financial performance. This allows for employees to stay in the loop on how the firm is doing financially and offers us the opportunity to speak up and feel valued when long-term firm initiatives are being created. So, with all these excellent perks for new college graduates, it is no wonder we were recognized by Accounting Today as one of the “Best Places to Work” for 4 years in a row!