Transitioning from a Student to a Full-time Employee

January 16, 2015

Nicole Owens
Tax Staff

I recently joined PKM as a staff tax accountant. Since starting work at the firm, I have attended several recruiting events. Each time, I receive the same question: “Is it hard to transition from school to full-time employment?” My answer is always the same: “The concept can seem quite scary. However, the actual transition was a breeze and I love being in the real world.” Don’t get me wrong, I loved my time at UGA and there are plenty aspects of student life that I miss, but there are also things that I love about working. I miss being 5 minutes away from my friends. I miss having no Friday classes. I especially miss naps, but one big thing that I don’t miss is studying. I love working because when I get home for the night or weekend, my time is completely mine. I’m not thinking about the tests and projects I have hanging over my head. I can spend my Sunday afternoons relaxing, watching football, or shopping. It also helps that I really love the people that I work with here at PKM. It is a lot easier for me to get up in the morning knowing that I get to see people who I genuinely consider to be my friends.

Therefore, if you are a student struggling with the thought of leaving college for the scary real world, perhaps you are in for an exciting surprise!