Training with a Twist

September 22, 2015

Matt Shoemaker
Audit Senior

There is typically a lackluster or dreary feeling that surrounds Continuing Professional Education (CPE), but at PKM, we’ve fortunately learned how to flip this feeling around and create a buzz of excitement.

Annual Audit Training

We recently completed our annual audit training, PKMU.  The entire audit team, from new staff all the way up to managing partner, attended an out of town three day training.  We received updated information related to our industry as well as valuable insight on technical topics.  The training sessions were led by a mix of PKM employees as well as external experts.  The three days allowed for a lot of learning and growth so our staff could provide better service to our clients.

Now for the twist: our training was held at a golf resort on Lake Oconee outside Atlanta.  We stayed on the grounds of the resort and were able to enjoy the evenings and our free time with coworkers.  As I’m sure you’ve read from many other’s previous posts (including mine), the family mentality that sets PKM apart produces quite an enjoyable time when we all get to hang out; just like any other time with friends or family! We enjoyed two great nights of dinners together and a free afternoon where employees had the choice to play on of the best golf courses in Georgia or enjoy a lake day.  The firm rented boats and those who chose to participate in the lake day got to enjoy water activities such as tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding! PKMU is an event that employees look forward to during the year. When you enjoy spending time with your coworkers, training turns into a great time and that is something hard to put a value on!