Training to become the best

November 12, 2015

Christopher Belknap
Tax Principal

After the October 15th tax deadline, as part of a PKM training initiative, I attended strategic planning sessions with other member firms in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The training sessions outlined what the next generation of leaders envisions to be the most important challenges for us to solve to remain a successful organization and a firm that people can build a career and enjoy life. As part of the recruiting process, you are encouraged to ask questions.  So, use this time to learn about each firm’s culture and to help you understand the importance of the investment that each firm is making in its future leaders. Ask us what short-term and long-term challenges we see in the workplace, how we intend to solve them and who is involved.

PKM has a broad array of training opportunities and talent development initiatives for everyone in the firm. These include coaching and mentoring as well as technical skills, soft skills and business development training. We also perform employee surveys to ensure that our tactics are making a difference in the workplace and continue to align with our overall strategy.  We are all deeply committed to making PKM a fun and challenging place to work.  PKM knows that the foundation of a successful firm starts with our people and we are hopeful that you will have the opportunity to join us.