Top 10 Tips for Professionals Who Use Facebook

July 3, 2012

Candice Nanney
Audit Manager

Facebook has over 800 million active users!  The odds of professionals utilizing this social media outlet is very high, so here are some top 10 tips for utilizing Facebook as a young professional;

1)      Name:  Please use your real name and not a fake name.

2)      Photos:  Make sure your pictures are appropriate and those you wouldn’t be ashamed for your current employer or future employer to see.  Skip the pictures that include alcohol, inappropriate body parts, and illegal drugs.

3)      Over sharing:  Please keep private matters private.

4)      Friends:  Only choose friends that you would like to have a beer with and catch up with around a campfire.  Be choosy!

5)      Groups:  Become a member of groups that are relevant to your profession or the profession you want to work in. Try to avoid the groups that start with “I bet I can find a million people who….”

6)      Utilize at night:  Be mindful that your time at work should be utilized to work…not surfing the latest news feeds on Facebook. Your times at night and on the weekends are your time to utilize Facebook.

7)      Negative updates:  Each of your updates, posts, and comments should not be negative.  Try to keep such activity positive.

8)      Number:  Do not become fixated on the number of friends you have.  Rather, you should focus on the quality of the individuals, not the quantity of the individuals.

9)      Drunken posts:  Friends don’t let friends drink and post on Facebook.

10)  Company pages:  Do not post comments, photos or videos on company pages.  Company pages should be used for noting upcoming events and company news/updates (such as PKM is the Best Accounting Firm or PKM is not only limited to being a tax preparation service in Atlanta). Company pages should not be used for personal messages between co-workers.