Too Much Buzzin’?

July 7, 2011

Tim Keadle

Preparing for the upcoming intense time of Fall recruiting on the college campuses requires me to think about how I communicate what we do here at PKM for our clients and then how I communicate that effectively to a student looking to make accounting a career. I think about sitting down at dinner with them and discussing the complicated accounting of FDIC loss sharing arrangements or maybe even mentioning ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) and the fact that we are helping many clients start that process within their organizations. And, while these are all exciting, new and different things PKM is doing, does a 20-something year old student really want to get into all of that “buzz terminology?” I have to remind myself that these students are looking at some very basic things concerning their life after college. They want to know that the place they work will be fun, the people they work with will know who they are and care about them and their career needs and what kind of training is in store. In other words, while fair value accounting and the current market for M&A (Merger and Acquisition) services is important to us at PKM, we have to remember the audience in the recruiting environment. So now I will spend some more time gaining a perspective of the student and then be ready to kick off the recruiting process in August! Thirty three years and it is still fun..wish me luck!