Tips to Developing Leadership Skills

June 11, 2013

Terry Ammons

As a Partner I typically get questions from aspiring CPAs, interns and students about what it takes to work their way to becoming a Partner within a CPA firm. I believe one of the key attributes to what it takes is understanding the importance of leadership and looking for ways to improve and gain those necessary skills to help run, no lead a firm.

A few tips I would give to those interested is….

1) Possess business acumen, curiosity, and strategic sensibility early in your career and not to get too lax when receiving promotions…with greater rewards means there’s greater responsibility.

2) Embrace the nuance of leadership decisions and resist the urge to oversimplify.

3) Include newer, emerging leaders on internal task forces and give them a substantial job to do.

4) Be flexible as some leadership roles are rotational. So in short, you be able to be both a leader and a follower when the situation requires it.

5) Lead from the front, but not too far out in front. Make sure to stand out, but don’t step forward too far that there’s a gap between you and the rest of the firm.

I think by following these 5 tips and utilizing them when applicable will assist greatly in one’s goal of becoming a Partner and most importantly a leader within their organization.