Tips for transitioning from college to a full-time job

December 9, 2013

Sara Gabrell
Tax Senior

1) Enjoy your time in college! It may seem as though you have “no time” now, but once you begin your career, you no longer have the flexibility of breaks between classes or lengthy summer vacations.

2) Find a mentor. It’s important that you have someone in whom you can confide. Be purposeful about finding someone to walk you through daily challenges and major life decisions.

3) Brush up on your grammar and writing skills. If you want to excel, you need to be an effective communicator in and outside of the workplace. Even simple e-mails require the use of important grammatical skills.

4) Work hard, play hard.  In public accounting, you will experience busy times and slow times. Rest taken during the slow times will fuel you during busy season!

5) Aim to be a linchpin. Every person on this planet has something unique to offer. It’s important to strive to discover your unique qualities in the workplace, apply them, and make yourself indispensable.

6) Be a lifetime student. Graduating college comes with many perks, one of which includes no more exams! It’s still important to keep learning and exploring new things. Pick up a new hobby, travel to a new country, or start a new venture.

Good luck!