Tips for Surviving Busy Season

March 18, 2015

Hannah Ginn
Tax Staff

It feels like an accomplishment – I am one month away from calling victory of my first busy season as a new member of Porter Keadle Moore’s Tax Department. There’s a first time for everything and being a new member of the team I did not know what to expect when busy season began; though I had heard stories that would make even a veteran nervous. It’s true that the hours are longer than other times of the year, but so far my busy season has been a great experience. Even though it is an intense time of the year for accountants, everyone at PKM has been more than willing to take the time to help me as I make the transition from student to full-time staff accountant.

Surviving Busy Season

To all of the students out there that will soon be stepping out into the world of public accounting and embarking upon your first busy season, I offer you the following advice:

  1. CPA accreditation – if it is possible, try to complete the CPA exam before you start working. The last thing that you will want to do after work, especially during busy season, is study.
  2. Find a good work/life balance – make time to do the things you enjoy after work and on the weekends. All work and no play can cause you to quickly burnout, especially during the busy season.
  3. Stay healthy and be active – as a way to encourage all employees to stay active and healthy during this busy time of year, PKM provides FitBits to all employees that are interested in participating in the company’s “health initiative.” Wearing my FitBit every day keeps me motivated to stay active during the day and when I get home, instead of sitting at my desk for extended periods of time.

The countdown is on until the end of my first busy season. For myself, I realize getting through this season has been a positive experience made possible by the supportive work family here at PKM!