Time flies when you’re having fun!

November 10, 2015

John Erwin
Audit Manager

A lot has changed since I was a junior at UGA in Fall 2007 looking for a summer audit internship.  The Dawgs were wearing black against Auburn, I was dating my high school sweetheart even though she thought it was good idea to go to Notre Dame and cheer for Brady Quinn rather than Matthew Stafford and the Dawgs, accounting classes were going well, and finding a summer internship felt like a big decision that could affect years of my life.  That last item was a little overwhelming being just a few years out of high school, but meeting and learning about different firms through the recruiting process helped alleviate that stress.

Memories from the recruiting process seem much more recent than eight years ago, but thinking back on things that have changed reminds me that I’m not quite as fresh out of college as I’d like to think. I am surely glad that a summer internship turned into a full-time position.  I now hope the Dawgs only wear black if they are mourning another season that hasn’t been up to expectations.  My high school sweetheart thankfully transferred back home to UGA to finish school; we’ve been married for three and half years, and now we are enjoying the blessing and fun of having a four week old little girl!  I’m also often thankful that I don’t have to go to anymore accounting classes, but it was nice when those classes were only scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from around nine to one.

I wanted a summer internship here at PKM because I enjoyed the people that I met during recruiting, I was intrigued by the clients, and I felt there was long term opportunity for me.  I stay and look forward to my continued time here at PKM because I enjoy working with the folks I met during recruiting, I find the work we do interesting and fulfilling, and I continue to believe there is long term opportunity for me.  Although a lot has changed in the last eight years, the time has flown by, and the worries that I felt during the recruiting process have been replaced by good memories and experiences from post college and childless life!  I have been through client changes, an office renovation, and attrition that all accounting firms experience, but the core things that lead a twenty year old to an internship here, keep a manager approaching thirty coming back and looking forward to the future!