There’s No Reason to Fear Busy Season at PKM

January 21, 2015

Kyle Wilson
Audit Staff

This will be my second busy season and oddly enough, I am looking forward to it. I think this excitement comes from my experience during my first busy season last year coupled with the opportunities that PKM is providing me this busy season.

I had heard all of the busy season horror stories during my time in school, and I can honestly say through observation and experience that these horror stories are just not true at PKM. We do work hard, long hours, but also find time to have some fun. In fact, this busy season one of our engagement teams is sneaking away for a weekend trip to New Orleans. During my first busy season, I was able to take on more difficult sections of the audit as PKM is supportive of letting you progress as quickly as you can. PKM’s partners are hands-on and check-in on you consistently throughout busy season to ensure that everything is going well. They understand busy season is a necessary evil, but also understand that you have a life outside of footing financial statements.

I think the main reason I am looking forward to this busy season is the opportunity that I have with running about half of the engagements that I am on this year. This busy season will be more challenging than my previous one, but I am confident it will be another good busy season because of the support system that PKM has in process to ensure their employees achieve their goals.