The Ups and Downs of Business Travel

October 6, 2014

Jim Rumph
Systems Manager

I recently had a work trip that entailed going to Napa Valley.  As this is not a bad place for a work trip, I decided to stretch it out and make a mini vacation out of it.  So I headed up the weekend before.  After a day of wine testing, it turns out that my visit coincided with the 6.0 earthquake that struck Napa.

It happened at approximately 3:30 Sunday morning with me waking up to my hotel bed shaking and loud crashes. Coming out of deep sleep, I soon realized that this wasn’t a dream and was just hoping the building wasn’t about to collapse.  Once the shaking subsided, it took me 10 minutes to find my phone that had fallen underneath the bedside table that was flipped over. The power was out, so I used my phone as a flashlight to find shoes and evacuate the building. Being from Georgia, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I figured I should be out of the building and away from it if it crashes. The hotel was fairly new and probably coded to withstand an earthquake.  Once the sun came up, I noticed that the bed had moved 6 inches from the wall and the TV, microwave, lamps, and fridge had all fallen to the ground. Even the air conditioner unit came out from the wall. Fortunately, the wine we bought the day before made it.  The next day the hotel still did not have power, so we had to drive out of town to find a place open for breakfast. Road crews were already repairing damage to roads. TV crews lined the streets of downtown Napa to report the damage on older buildings. Luckily, the earthquake came during the night since there was a festival the afternoon earlier downtown that would have resulted in many more injuries. The locals discussed the quake all day, claiming that it was the worst they had ever experienced. We were fortunate to be safe, though many wineries were not so lucky. Though a successful vacation and work trip, it’s nice to live Georgia, we’re we just have to worry about Atlanta snowstorms.