The Real Scoop on Business Travel

May 10, 2011

Sonny MacArthur

While PKM is an Atlanta based CPA firm, we have clients throughout the United States with most of them located in the Southeast. While travel does come with some pain, such as airport security and the occasional flight delays, the good far outweighs the bad. Not only does business travel offer the opportunity to see new places, more importantly, it offers the opportunity to get to know your colleagues better, such as where they are from, where they went to college, how many siblings they have, how many pets they have, boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife and children and their hobbies and passions outside of their career. I have made life-long friends throughout my career and many of those friendships were originally forged while out of town on business. Wait, it gets better! Not only do you get to know your colleagues better, it also allows time to be spent with your clients taking part in activities such as professional sporting events, various events of your clients’ kids, bowling, goofy golf, dinner and drinks after work, etc. When faced with opportunities to travel for business, take on the task with the same vigor and excitement with which you take on your daily job tasks and you too will reap the rewards–happy travels!