The PKM Split

June 9, 2014

Carson Hill
Audit Staff

Perhaps at some accounting firms, the seven – ten split might refer to a CPA’s daily busy season routine of coming in at seven and splitting around ten. At PKM, it means you are likely going to miss picking up the spare. Since becoming a PKMer, I’ve been exposed to opportunities to compete in several sports with several of the greatest athletes from around the world, my co-workers. Through those experiences, I’ve come to realize there are a lot of accountants that enjoy a healthy competition. I believe this attitude spawns from the potential glory that would be thrust upon our bowling team when we bring home a championship, but others have differing opinions.

Our team plays once a week in a league, and it is always a good time. Bowling provides an opportunity for us to get together outside of the work place and form friendships, rather than just working relationships. It allows us to catch up with one another, vent, or tell each other funny stories from the week. I believe having these friendships inside and outside of the workplace gives PKM a family atmosphere that isn’t seen at larger firms. One could even go as far as saying it splits us apart from other firms’ cultures.