The PKM Difference

November 5, 2014

Matt Shoemaker
Audit Senior

As recruiting season is in full swing I have had the opportunity to participate on PKM’s recruiting team and attend several on-campus events.  I have met more than a few determined accounting students looking for internships with the best firm for them and seem to keep getting the same question, “What makes PKM different from the other firms?” The answer is a simple one, but it’s the people!

The firm’s personality of being more of a “family” allows for a light hearted, yet hard working spirit that drives the firm forward and helps to make it a special place to work.  What you see during recruiting events is truly who we are. I’ve been told by numerous non co-worker friends that they never spend time with their colleagues outside of business hours. However, this is not the case at PKM.  We have multiple firm sponsored events from dinner outings to Braves games to days on the lake!  Even outside of sponsored events I enjoy spending time with my co-workers.  Whether it’s attend a cookout, a round of golf, or going to a concert, I consider some of them my closest friends.  I am quite lucky to have the opportunity to work at place where I can call my colleagues my friends.

So to all of the job hunters out there, if you’re looking for a place to work where the people are as genuine as they come and the internship is an accurate representation of a full-time position, PKM is the place for you.