The PKM Buddy System

June 16, 2014

Lauren Bundy
Tax Staff

When you first start as an intern, or full time employee at PKM, the company is great about making you feel welcome and comfortable. One way of doing this is by assigning you a buddy. Your buddy is the person assigned to you in order to help you with your first several weeks becoming acclimated. Our HR director does such a great job with the pairing that it is inevitable that you and your buddy will become fast friends. In order for you to become acquainted with your buddy there are several times for you guys to spend time together. This could be going out to lunch, or dinners, as well as doing other fun activities. Some of the activities in the past have been going to braves games, painting classes, or even Cirque Du Soleil shows. The option of what you want to do is left up to you.

As well as doing fun activities your buddy is also there to help you with work related questions that you may not feel comfortable asking anyone else. Even though everyone at PKM is very nice and helpful, they understand the first couple weeks at a new job can be intimidating. Therefore, having a buddy on your side can ease some of the initial stresses. I know my buddy helped me!