The Importance of the SEC

November 14, 2012

Emily McGee
Audit Staff

During the start of my career at PKM, I quickly discovered how important it is to stay well versed on information regarding the SEC. Whether talking with clients or coworkers, the SEC is always a great conversation topic, especially during football season. No matter what situation you face when you are looking to build relationships and add the personal side to this professional business, SEC football serves as a great way to connect with others.

At PKM, we strive to provide strong professional services to our clients, while building relationships with them. This is a feature of PKM that first attracted me to the firm. I did a summer internship with PKM, and now I am a full-time audit staff. During both my internship and my first year as a full-time employee, I have witnessed the building of relationships and observed how strong relationships with coworkers and clients can impact the success of every job. Working for a firm that values relationships has helped me throughout my career by providing me with the opportunity to create added value to my audit engagements. The leadership of PKM desires that all PKM employees develop relationships with clients; as a result, even as staff, I have the opportunity to step-up and get involved with the networking and client interaction that differentiates PKM from others.

Whether we are eating lunch with co-workers or catching up with clients, either SEC can be a great topic that illustrates our depth of knowledge and strength of relationships.

Go Dawgs!