The importance of keeping in touch

November 24, 2015

Nadine Adams
Tax Manager

I must admit, when I hear the words business development and networking, the hairs on the back of neck just stand up, and I dread talking about it. But I’ve recently come to realize that business development and networking does not have to be the “used car sales” type approach. PKM has several programs to help staff and managers succeed in this area, because let’s face it, in the end we all need to be strong in this area if we want to succeed in public accounting.

PKM has a program that’s called cash for connections, where PKM staff will receive $100 cash by just introducing a professional to a manager or partner. There’s also a program called PKMNXT. In this program, PKM sets up networking opportunities in a non-threatening environment. In the past, employees have gone bowling and were encouraged to bring at least one friend, there were lunch-and-learns discussing different aspects of business development and most recently a group participated in helping GSU’s Beta Alpha Psi team clean up Fowler Park. These are all fun ways to expand your network.

I’ve also learned that business development does not mean the same thing to everyone. Within our partner and manager rank, I’ve seen all different kinds of approaches. Some of the partners are just known in their respective communities and get referrals that way, others focus on working with referral sources , while still others let their current clients do all the marketing for them. It really just depends on what you are most comfortable with. One of the main goals is figuring out the best way to develop business that suits you and then succeed at it.