The Importance of Finding Time for Y-O-U.

July 7, 2011

Kristina Lischke
Audit Manager

As the summer drums on, I look back and reflect on busy season, when work can become hectic and demanding. The importance of being able to find time to take care of YOU should never be underestimated. We work in a demanding field full of deadlines and client satisfaction. There will be some long hours and late nights during these months and inevitably stress will build up. It is important to set aside some time for exercising, relaxing and socializing. Busy season can be the most difficult time to find open time for these activities but it is important to do your best to remember that these items are important for not only you but also your work. Taking time for you will help improve your work product and efficiency. It might be that you can only find small breaks throughout the day but the important part is that you find the time. I believe this is an effective means for having a successful busy season. It will be difficult at times to remember the importance of these items, but the most important thing is taking care of yourself in order to provide the best quality of work for the firm and client.