The balance between work and fun

December 11, 2015

Michael Moch
Audit Staff

I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered a more collective group of individuals that better balance work and fun than the team here at PKM. The separation between professionalism and entertainment is clearly evident and is personified in each and every employee. 

I’ve only been with the firm for three months now and I can say that we have a lot of fun here! During my second week of training the entire audit staff gathered at Lake Oconee in Cuscowilla to do some off-site training. Of course, we spent our 6-8 hours each day broadening our education and learning a lot of new things, but I want to express how much fun we had after. On the second to the last day of training, we took a half day to spend the remainder of time either golfing or pontoon-ing on the lake. My golf game isn’t the best; so I chose the lake, and it was a blast!

Everyone here seems to fit in just right no matter the difference in culture or background. It’s a neighborly environment. I can almost say I’m excited to go to work each day, getting up in the morning to see and work with the people I’m surrounded by here at PKM. Yes, I said I can “almost” say that I’m excited to get up for work each day because, however, this is still work and public accounting is a learning experience every day. It can be a grind at times, but the staff here at PKM is always so very supportive in making those experiences easier and more importantly, enjoyable. This is a place that welcomes those whom it employees with open arms in a practice that is proficient, considerate, and continually fun.