Stepping into the Unknown…

November 5, 2015

Armin Darivandpour

The diploma has been framed. The letters of congratulations have been opened and thrown away. The excitement and joy of completing your last exam has dissipated. The rewarding road of school and all its hardships have finally come to an end. The dust has now settled and you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life. However, you realize that all the events in your life, prior to this moment, have revolved around school. For almost two decades you have been continually growing and developing through the means of educational institutions. That suddenly stops. “Going to class,” “studying for an exam,” “having homework,” are terms and phrases that no longer apply to your foreseeable future. This bask of knowledge you have grown accustomed to becomes more archaic by each passing day.

This world full of meetings, deadlines, and conference calls is completely alien to you. The shift from homework to real work was a class that was never offered in your two decade educational career. This transition from school to a full time position is a faint idea that your parents attempted to teach you. You always ignored and laughed with disregard at each of their failed attempts. Yet, now you’re filled with regret as you realize how ill-prepared you are for this moment and that you should’ve heeded their advice. You may be quite anxious, nervous or even uncomfortable with stepping into the unknown that many people are calling “your career.” Yet, you shouldn’t worry or be concerned because PKM has you covered.

PKM is fully aware that you are undertaking this new challenge. They have a vested interest in making sure that this difficult change will go much smoother than your last mid-term. PKM has implemented an incredible amount of resources to help alleviate the hardships of finally beginning your career. One of my favorite resources is our biweekly training, geared directly to new hires. Twice a month a senior or manager will provide a one to two hour training session to help expedite the learning process for all new hires. I have yet to miss one training session as each one provides incredibly useful insight into the work we do each day.

Another great resource provided by PKM is the Buddy program. Every new hire is provided an experienced staff to be a ‘buddy’ to each new hire. Your buddy is your support system for any concerns you have that may revolve around work or beyond, such as not being familiar with the city. For me, the buddy program really aided and quickly alleviated my learning curve as I transitioned into a working environment.

Yet, despite the many great programs and resources provided, the main source of comfort is the people at PKM. All the nerves and anxiety I had built immediately dissolved as soon as I walked through PKM’s doors on my first day. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a great deal of concern for my wellbeing. Each person I interacted with always wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and at ease. From recent hires all the way up to the partners. For me, the transition from school to PKM was negligible. I felt as though I have been here for years, and it was my first month.