Staying Healthy While Working Full-Time

November 26, 2013

Elizabeth Toms
Tax Staff

I just started full-time with PKM a few months ago and have loved every minute of being here. Everyone at the firm loves to get together and celebrate which is wonderful and makes for a great and supportive working environment. Between pot lucks, Tax department birthday sweets, and the “just because” treats; we eat a lot of great food in the office often. However, I have noticed that it is becoming harder to find time to work out daily and eat right. You always hear about the “Freshman 15” when you go off to college, yet I never experienced this since all my classes at UGA were uphill both ways (and yes that is possible). But now, as I work full-time I have slowly begun to gain weight. Due to this, I have found myself in need of a more stringent diet and workout plan.

So here’s my plan to staying healthy while working:

–        Bring my own lunch more often

–        Eat more smaller meals during the day

–        Bring tennis shoes so I can go for walks during my lunch break

–        Always make time to eat breakfast in the morning no matter how busy I am

–        Make a point to take a few breaks during the day and get up from my desk

This is definitely not an all inclusive list, but I think it is a great start for me and for those who do not have the time for long workouts every day. I hope that by implementing these simple steps I can stay healthy and fit which in turn, will help me stay focused and successful in all my endeavors at PKM.