Stay Positive!

February 6, 2012

Christian Albarracin

Most CPAs would agree that busy season is the most challenging time of year in the profession. While the degree of difficulty and the timing of busy seasons may vary based on the nature of the public accounting work (i.e. audit, tax, etc.), they are all challenging. One other thing they all have in common is that having a great attitude will help one perform better during this hectic time and will help to minimize the stress that may potentially be generated as well as the negative effects of stress. This is not to say that if you do nothing but have a great attitude then you will be unaffected by these common stressors of busy season. But rather, a great attitude will allow you to adjust and react in the best possible manner to the forecasted as well as unseen issues that accompany this busy time of year.

Having a positive attitude will allow you to be proactive in taking on foreseen challenges and will usually help you to work more efficiently, freeing up more time to tackle the unforeseen obstacles that may come your way. Having a great attitude will also help you to embrace this busy time of year rather than dreading it, which will help make the time go by faster.

It’s similar to a long road trip, if you are dreading the trip it will constantly seem like you are sitting in park, whereas if you’re looking forward to the journey, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised with how far you’ve gone every time you look up! This positive attitude may even extend to those you are working with as well as your family and friends. Remember that a great attitude is no substitute for hard work during this time of year, but it will help to maximize the output of your hard work.

Happy Busy Season!