Start Studying for the CPA Exam Now!

February 10, 2012

Lisa Flynn

I can hardly believe that I am starting my third busy season! I think back to four years ago to my last semester finishing up my MAcc and can’t believe how time has flown since. Four years ago I was studying not only for my last few classes but had started to take the CPA exam. A wise piece of advice I heard from CPAs during recruiting was to study for the exam while you are in college and before you start public accounting full time. That was some of the best advice I’ve ever taken thus far!

While it may be tempting to have nothing to do but fun this last semester, don’t forget in a few months you will have the responsibility of a full time job and being out in the world on your own. When I started my full-time career in public accounting the fall after I graduated, I had one section of the CPA left to take and studying was just a little more difficult when I didn’t have the same flexibility that I had in college. Comparing when I took the other three parts of the exam during college to my time studying for that one section I had left to take, I wish that I had passed them all before starting work.

That’s not to say you can’t pass the CPA exam while working, however. I was able to, and so many others before me have passed as well, but I think the one resounding piece of advice you will hear is get it done now while you’re still in college. You can definitely still have fun your last semester with the additional studying. Just make sure to manage your time well and focus and you’ll have the best last semester of college!