Other Federal Filings

Because certain industries have unique returns that are required to be filed with the IRS, at PKM, we stay well-versed on industry specific filing requirements, including:

  • Payroll Tax Returns:
    Because we know the importance of accurately filing payroll tax returns and withholdings on behalf of your employees, we help guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have along the way or even before you have a chance to ask.
  • Information Returns:
    We work with you to meet the various 1099 and other information reporting requirements so that you avoid the steep penalties for failure to file or filing incorrect information.
  • Employee Benefit Plan Returns:
    Whether you are filing for a pension or welfare benefit plan or preparing Form 5500, we have the experience under Title I and Title IV of ERISA and the IRS code to ensure you avoid any delinquent or untimely filings.