Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are the primary growth vehicles for many companies and have the potential to enhance the strategic position of your business overnight. M&A activity can also be extremely complex with profound implications – both short- and long-term – to your financial performance and profile.

At PKM, we provide a seasoned analysis of the accounting issues involved in such transactions including:

  • Transaction Planning:
    We work with you on either the target and acquirer side to position you in negotiations, identify tax-saving opportunities or undisclosed liabilities.
  • Tax Opinion on the Transaction:
    We work with you to develop a tax opinion on the transaction while identifying potential issues that should be addressed up front. And, if you already have a tax opinion provided by an outside counsel, we will review the opinion to ensure all relevant tax issues have been properly addressed.
  • Change in Control Implications:
    We work with you to assess the potential impact of a change in control for Section 382 purposes, including a review of tax attribute carryforwards, as well as potential ongoing limitations on the use of these limitations. We can also assist you in evaluating the recorded value of current or deferred tax assets and the consequences of a potential change in control.