U.S. Tax Compliance

Tax planning for corporations and individuals with foreign based businesses and investments becomes more and more complicated every year. And, with the ongoing legal and regulatory changes, it’s very easy to fall out of compliance.

At PKM, we offer our clients a wide array of services to ensure you are focusing on growing your business, not your tax burdens.

These services include:

  • Income Tax
  • Franchise Tax
  • Net Worth Tax
  • Capital Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Use Tax
  • Property Tax (Personal and Real)
  • Payroll Tax
  • Business Licenses
  • Secretary of State Registrations

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If your Foreign company is expanding in the U.S., it’s important to work with a qualified advisor who can help you navigate these U.S. tax laws and assess the impact and interaction of foreign tax jurisdiction. The last thing you want to do is to pay more than is necessary in domestic and foreign taxes.

Let us help! For additional information, click here to have an international tax expert at PKM contact you today.