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Is your business investing in foreign markets? Considering international expansion? Positioned to compete globally? If the answer to any of these questions in “yes,” you likely need to start giving even more thought to complying with both foreign and domestic tax laws.

As the world of commerce transitions from a domestic to an international focus, many growth-seeking companies are finding the opportunities in foreign markets too compelling to ignore. As such, an increasing number of commercial enterprises are expanding operations onto the international stage. When expanding your commercial presence, it’s essential to understand the impact U.S. and international tax will have on global operations. Focus should extend beyond international tax compliance to more complex issues such as tax planning and income repatriation.

The team at Porter Keadle Moore has meaningful experience guiding U.S. based companies through offshore operations, acquisitions and subsidiary development. We work with companies to expose the tax impact of acquiring/initiating new global operations and providing support to U.S./global employees on assignment. Our approach includes an assessment of how foreign tax laws and treaties will impact global investment opportunities. Depending on your firm’s risk tolerance, market opportunities and tax structure, we will develop a plan designed to minimize exposure and maximize savings.

Our International Tax Services Include:

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If your company is expanding overseas or coming into the U.S., it’s important to work with a qualified advisor who can help you navigate these complex international tax laws. The last thing you want to do is to pay more than is necessary in domestic and foreign taxes.

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