Social Engineering

The purpose of our social engineering procedures is to gain unauthorized access to systems and information using “non-technical” hacking techniques that exploit our natural human tendency to trust.

From the hacker’s perspective, the use of social engineering techniques often provide confidential information needed to access the target network at a fraction of the cost of “technical” hacking techniques. No matter how many resources an organization invests on protecting its network, it will always be subjected to this type vulnerability as the “human” factor is widely recognized as the weakest link in the security chain.

PKM’s approach to social engineering includes email spear phishing attacks, telephone persuasion, dumpster diving, desk area audits and war driving (looking for wireless access points from outside of a company’s offices/facilities to attempt to gain access to your network.

For more information on Social Engineering and how it can protect your business, please contact Systems Partner Mike Morris at or 404-420-5669.