Security Posture Assessment

A solid security posture can be indicative of a strong business model and often times will deter potential attackers from the outset. It all starts with a well thought out network design, configuration of controls and externally facing systems and then extends to all internal systems. Solid security posture exhibits a layered security approach – which includes administrative and technical controls where if one control fails, multiple others are in place to back them up. On the other hand, a weak security posture can tempt attackers to investigate an organization further, especially if it appears to be a lucrative target, such as a bank or a company with valuable trade secrets.

At PKM, our approach is to start with the basic network design and an understanding of your key business flows. We align our testing procedures to the SANS/CIS Top 20 Critical Controls and the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) Cybersecurity Framework and then customize the scope of the audit based upon the size and/or needs of your specific organization.

For more information on PKM’s Security Posture Assessment, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Systems Partner Mike Morris at or 404-420-5669.