Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA)

In today’s day and age, security breaches are commonplace and perpetrated by not only external hackers, but also individuals within your organization. That’s why a comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA) is vital to the protection of your business. At PKM, our network vulnerability assessment is designed to review your systems for vulnerabilities that could be exploited in an attempt to gain access to your network. Commonly identified vulnerabilities include:

  • configuration issues,
  • missing security patches, and
  • general network design weaknesses.

Our testing can be performed remotely (external network vulnerability assessment) or onsite at your location (internal network vulnerability assessment).
Unlike many network audits that only provide technical data derived solely from scans, PKM takes the time to interpret the results, weed out the unimportant or false positives and provide you with a concise report that is easy for you to understand.

If the final report to Management reflects that your network security does not meet your standards, we will provide recommendations to you to help improve upon your systems and steadily lessen your risk of a security breach.

For more information on PKM’s Network Vulnerability Assessment,, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Systems Partner Mike Morris at or 404-420-5669.