SOC-1 Report

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Whether you are brand new to the SOC audit process and in need of training or guidance, or you have been audited many times, our team at PKM is equipped to serve you.

Most of our clients are required to exhibit compliance with strict IT frameworks and adhere to high due diligence standards. Many of these companies are under substantial scrutiny from their users as it relates to the transaction process. The end result of a SOC 1 report is a document that instills customer confidence and helps our clients to win and maintain more customers.

Since 1997, PKM has been serving clients throughout the United States, particularly within the Financial and Technology sectors. We provide SSAE 16 SOC 1 reports—both types I and II. To learn how SOC 1 reports can add value to your business, contact Terry Ammons, our SOC reporting expert, today. E-mail Terry at or call him directly at 404-947-8582.

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