Internal Controls

As a financial institution today, we know you face the abiding challenge of remaining competitive, while also complying with increasingly complex regulations and maintaining sound risk management practices and internal control structure.

Over the years, we have refined a methodology to analyze the design and operating effectiveness of the internal control systems for our financial institution clients.  Through working together with our clients, we assess their internal control structures through:

  • Assessing the control environment and associated risks within the organization;
  • Analyzing key initiatives and their impact on the risk profile;
  • Analyzing strategic risks facing the organization;
  • Developing an internal audit plan to address the risks with a focus on the higher risk business lines, process and activities; and
  • Ensuring the approach is thoughtfully executed and within your budget.

With nearly four decades of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of issues impacting community banks and credit unions. PKM offers tailored and cost effective solutions to assessing and managing your institution’s operational and financial risks, including:

For more information on PKM’s Internal Control Solutions, contact Risk Advisory Partner Sonny MacArthur at (404) 420-5631 or today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.