Fair Lending Reviews

Probably the most objective area of the regulatory world is Fair Lending.

The rules in this area are not the most clearly defined and can be subject to broad interpretation, meaning that you could get significantly different examination results depending upon the perceptions of your examiner. So how do you know that the efforts you’re taking to comply with Fair Lending requirements will stand up to objective examiner review?

Our Fair Lending Services

PKM’s Fair Lending procedures are built on this very premise. As such, our approach includes:

  • Interviewing loan officers to assess their understanding of the Fair Lending concept and your institution’s procedures;
  • Testing denied protected class applicants against approved applicants for similar loan types;
  • Reviewing lending data for potential discriminatory patterns;
  • Assessing the inclusiveness of your marketing activities; and
  • Ensuring the right personnel are getting the right Fair Lending training.

The essence of the Fair Lending regulatory approach is to ensure all segments of the community have a fair opportunity at receiving similar loan products and terms. We all work for supporting strong communities and Fair Lending is the forum for proving that support. Our approach minimizes the objectivity surrounding your Fair Lending process and helps you produce lending activity that can stand up to regulatory scrutiny in the long-term.

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