Regulatory Compliance

Operating in today’s market, you understand the importance of having an advisor who is well-versed on a range of compliance and risk management issues. At PKM, our professionals are afforded with not only current information and training, but also best practices gained from providing these services to other top performers through assisting with:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Deposit Regulation Review
  • Loan Regulation Review
  • Fair Lending Analysis
  • Vendor Review
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Examination Preparation
  • Training

While you may already have a well-established team in-house, often times you are asked to meet requirements before you have been given time to adequately prepare. Without the right compliment of resources in place, it can be a challenge to not only remain compliant, but more importantly to understand the implications that these regulations will have on your business.

Our approach to risk management is to consider your relevant inherent risks and develop a solution that can either be applied across your entire institution or scaled down to meet a more specific need. PKM’s approach to regulatory compliance consists of three major components:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your compliance management system (CMS) to identify, monitor, and manage your compliance responsibilities and risks,
  • Transactional testing to validate specific areas of risk, and
  • Periodic training for your staff and board tailored to your unique business objectives.