FAS 109/FIN 48 Assistance

The regulatory changes that have influenced the way companies account for income taxes are extremely complicated and have significant impact on income statements and balance sheets. Many companies don’t have either the manpower to comply with these requirements or the knowledge to compute the complex tax provisions.

By taking the challenges of accounting for income taxes off of your hands, we help make the process as painless and efficient as possible. Our professionals understand FAS 109 and FIN 48 from not only the tax perspective, but also from the accounting side of the equation. Our insightful solutions based on our industry analysis and experience will help you rest easy, trusting we’ve done the job right.

We assist clients with FAS 109 (ASC 740)/FIN 48 through:

  • Implementation/compliance.
  • Evaluating positions according to their technical merits.
  • Calculating the maximum benefit available for positions held to the more-likely-than-not (MLTN) standard.
  • Assessing uncertain tax positions across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Preparing and reviewing financial statement disclosures or footnotes related to tax provision.