FDIC Loss-Share Assistance

Many of PKM’s clients have become active participants in the highly technical and complicated, albeit advantageous, FDIC-assisted failed bank acquisition arena. As a market leader, PKM’s financial services professionals have significant experience assisting our clients with the many challenges presented to an acquiring institution as a part of an open transaction or FDIC-assisted transaction. We provide you with a unique perspective into the challenges associated with acquiring a failed institution as well as offer demonstrated solutions to assist you in meeting those challenges.

  • Technical support for the accounting and financial reporting complexities associated with FDIC-assisted transactions.

–  Accounting for business combinations (Day 1 accounting)
–  Subsequent accounting for the assets acquired and liabilities
assumed (Day 2 Accounting)

  • Assistance with tax issues and opportunities unique to loss share transactions.
  • Utilization of data analysis techniques to validate loss share assignment for covered assets.
  • Internal audit procedures required under the terms of the Purchase & Assumption Agreement.
  • Interim staffing to address loss share workload balancing.