ACH Audit

At PKM, we assist participating Depository Financial Institutions (DFIs), Third-Party Service Providers, and Third-Party Senders with compliance of all provisions of Appendix Eight (8) “Rule Compliance Audit Requirements,” as published by NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines.

This audit obligation is not limited to compliance with any specific rule or group of rules, and the descriptions of rules contained within the Appendix Eight are not intended to modify or limit the language of the Rules themselves or the obligations of Participating DFIs, Third-Party Service Providers or Third-Party Senders to comply with, or to audit compliance with, such rules.

Appendix Eight provides Participating DFIs, Third-Party Service Providers, and Third-Party Senders with highlights of the most critical Rules. The requirements relate solely to compliance with these rules and do not address other audit considerations of a financial institution’s ACH policies, procedures or regulatory compliance.