“We never just ‘check the box'”

Along with providing financial credibility to shareholders, regulators, bankers and others, an audit can be a service that is used for identifying opportunities for not only improving the profitability, but also the efficiency, of your business. At PKM, we design our audits so they are accurate, relevant, helpful and full of practical information you can use going forward.

Just as no two companies are alike, no two audits should be alike. In other words, we never just “check the box.”

A PKM audit is:

  • Customized:
    Designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Meaningful:
    Designed to make sense to not only your internal management team but also your external users.
  • Useful:
    Designed to offer you relevant content and supplemental information when needed.
  • Opportunistic:
    Designed to look for opportunities that could yield improved operating efficiency and profitability for your business.

The foundation of our internal quality control system for our audit processes is partner involvement. We make sure that the assigned partner on your engagement is actively involved with all critical decisions made during the audit. This unique element of our audit process ensures that you always have direct access to decision makers who are able to offer you decisive, accurate answers and ideas.