Recruiting Season Advice

July 9, 2014

Kyle Wilson
Audit Staff

It is getting closer and closer to college football season (Go Dawgs!). This made me think about where champions are made. Champions are made due to good recruiting and good coaching. You need both things to succeed in college football much like any other sport. The same holds true to your career and business. This is one of the reasons I love working at PKM. Ever since I began working full time, I have been able to help PKM in the recruiting process. This involves me attending Beta Alpha Psi meetings, dinners with recruits, office visits, etc. The fact that I have a say in who I get to work with blows my mind considering that I have just completed my first full year here at PKM.

College athletes during their recruitment look for places where they will succeed. That is why I chose PKM. I saw myself succeeding here because of the talent that PKM possesses and the investment they make in their employees. PKM only recruits the top talent, and it shows with who you are working on engagements with on a weekly basis. Everyone at PKM is a coach. Everyone understands it is part of their job description to help instruct younger staff on how to handle sections in audits. I do not think there are many places where a staff with less than one year of experience can sit down with a partner with 30+ years of experience to understand a section within an audit.

As Public Accounting recruiting season ramps up, my advice for all students would be to look at the people you will be working with and figure out if you are able to see yourself succeeding at that specific firm or company.