PKM Treats Every New Employee Like Family

December 3, 2014

Riley Young
Audit Staff

Having only been at PKM for three months, it would be easy to say I don’t have a true taste of public accounting or what PKM has to offer. However, I think quite the opposite!

Being the proverbial new guy can give you the best indicator of how a firm operates within its industry. For instance, there is no record of work history to prove your worth to the firm, and no time for co-workers to get to know you outside of work. This is the best time to judge how a firm treats anyone and everyone they might come in contact with through the course of business and PKM has exceeded my expectations at every turn.

Before my employment even started, I got an invite to the prior year’s Holiday Party and a firm outing to a local brewery. My first week of orientation I was invited by a couple of Seniors to join them in a round of golf. A few weeks after that I was asked to come join a group of PKMers at a local road race (having run all my life, this was right up my alley!). Each of these instances made me feel more and more welcome. On top of that, I’ve been on multiple engagements with Seniors and Managers who implore me to ask questions and learn something new each day. My experience with PKM thus far has been so great that my 3 months with PKM have flown by! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me with this amazing organization.