PKM is Committed to Its Staff

September 26, 2014

John Erwin
Audit Manager

As a public accounting firm, people are one, if not the most, valuable asset of PKM, and PKM is committed to helping ensure everyone receives great technical and soft skills training so they can excel.  All new hires begin with a week of orientation and training covering a wide range of topics.  It’s almost overwhelming and difficult to remember so much in so little time, but all these folks are also assigned a buddy.  This buddy is there to make sure new hires feel welcomed at PKM and answer all the questions one might be too afraid to ask their first week at a new company!  PKM also offers throughout the year various in-house training classes to help prepare us for changes in our industry and the clients we serve.  We at PKM also use numerous outside resources to ensure the training everyone receives is excellent and relevant.  As people progress in their careers, PKM devotes substantial resources to newly promoted employees to prepare them for their changing roles and responsibilities.  Public accounting is an exciting industry that involves continuous learning and adapting, and it’s important to know that we at PKM are dedicated to ensuring that our people are trained and prepared as they progress in their careers and adapt to changes in our industry!